Fighting with your heart.


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Is this a struggle that can ever end? Is it possible to reconfigure your innermost compass so that your ‘True North’ lies in the direction your logical mind wants it to? Or is somebody who tries to do this doomed to be miserable until they accept the direction their heart points to and start their journey toward wherever that may take them?

Most people have probably heard of Bear Grylls, the renowned T.V. adventurer. I admit I am an enthusiastic fan of his shows and books myself. He is quite a ‘down to Earth’ unassuming personality, in my opinion, who has drawn a lot of strength in his life from his Christian faith. He talks about this faith briefly in his books and one thing he said has stuck with me. I shall paraphrase, as I can’t remember the exact words:

‘Always follow the desires of your heart as they are divinely given and are there to direct you in life.’

They seem wise words. Indeed, isn’t it easy to do so if your heart tells you something you want to hear? However, there are times in life, I have noticed, that you can receive certain ‘prompts’ or ‘nudges’  that you don’t like. You try to ignore this little voice at first, but it becomes louder until you can’t, so you start ‘wrestling’ with your heart and then misery starts to set in, as it feels like you are not following the course that your compass is pointing out.   

I am a very very very (very!) spiritual minded person. This is the type of thing I think about often. That leads me on to thinking ‘does God even exist? Is the idea of an internal compass and God given desires just a made up human concept?’ Ultimately, I cannot know. Some people say they know God exists and others say they know God does not exist. This doesn’t help me. I guess I just have to follow my heart. Oh wait…   

However, in the end, I do believe God is there as a loving creator (I am quick to ask for help when I am worried over something! What a hypocrite haha). So I must believe in Divine guidance, which is received through my heart and other sources. Then, I cannot ‘fight with my heart’ and hope to win or be happy. It’s like wrestling with an all powerful will. How could I win? 

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  1. Sue C. says:

    This sounds like a flesh vs Spirit battle which all Christians have.

  2. Perhaps it is, I am thankful to have another person’s point of view on it, anyway! I shall think about this a bit more, thanks for reading again, Sue.

  3. I came here following a link on Italy …was intrigued by this headline … and pleasantly surprised. Nice reflective post when you are expecting something on Travel.
    The dilemma is always there . . to do or not to do… this or that … sacred or the secular … (flesh vs spirit as Sue C says) … head vs heart. The list goes on. Also the journey.
    For a long time I used to follow the adage “where your heart is there your treasure lies” when faced with a choice but was not always sure my heart was right.
    Then recently I realised I had got the biblical phrase wrong . It was actually “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” Six of one half a dozen of the other? Not really. I find the latter is much easier wisdom to follow. Once you know where your treasure lies … you don’t have to wrestle too much (repeat too much). Your heart kind of settles down more cause it knows its destination. Not easy but easier!! Cheers. Now let me look for your post on Rome. I’m going there in April.

    1. Hi Rambling Rose, thank you for such a thoughtful response to my article. My understanding of what you said is that we can choose our treasure. Like all good insights I think this is a simple one and sometimes they are so simple they can be overlooked. At the end of the day, we have the free will to choose between ‘sacred or the secular’ and as you have said, it’s not easy! We can pray for grace though, which is reassuring.

      Rome is absolutely amazing. You are going to love it. 🙂 I don’t know if you are a fan of Italian food, but you should defnetely try as much as you can while there. The coloseum has night tours available too, which are great! Enjoy 🙂

  4. nolanwrites says:

    This is great post and is very true. Sometimes what the heart wants, life can’t give. However, I think it’s down to the type of person, how hard they work for it and their determination to get them as close as possible to what their heart is wanting.

    1. You’re right 🙂 This was written in time when I was still saying ‘no’ to feeling called to priesthood. Thanks for reading again. 🙂

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