Muse Reapers

Maybe I’m getting lazy, as this is the second ‘pseudo-post’ I have done in a row. I haven’t actually had any ideas about anything I care enough to write (and do the smallest amount of research) about.

So, I’m just sharing a great song! It’s from Muse’ latest album, Drones. It highlights the aggressive powers the ‘powers that be’ possess, to ruthlessly hunt down and eliminate all those who threaten their position in the status quo. Maybe it’s a wee bit conspiracy theory, but Muse have always been like that.

There is an agenda in the world that puts human life and our only planetary home second and money and pleasure first. You don’t have to be a genius to see that.  Bands like Muse highlight this fact.

Enjoy the fantasticness that is their rockingly loud music! 🙂


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