Knowing through senses vs. knowing rationally

‘I am going to take the road down the middle, the one which seems to be the road of common sense. Sure, we sense the world through our senses (forgive the repetition), but that would be insufficient for learning and ‘humaning’ without our mental processors.’

‘Jerusalem’ by Irish College Choir

‘The words of this chant are ‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum’ (‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem, turn back to the Lord your God’). They can be applied to the whole world. God wants us to turn to Him in love and it is never too late.’


Humanity’s exponential growth is unsustainable…Imagine a tired out polar bear drowning between icebergs because they are simply too far from one another for him to reach. Heartbreaking…


There is an agenda in the world that puts human life and our only planetary home second and money and pleasure first. You don’t have to be a genius to see that. Bands like Muse highlight this fact.

Walking on Water

‘I will call upon your name, keep my eyes above the waves, my soul will rest in your embrace, I am yours, and You are mine.’