Where can a language take you? (Part One)

Maynooth College South Campus (Courtesy of Google Images) The day had finally arrived. A day of mixed feelings. A day of feeling like a small burden was now gone. A day of feeling like I had achieved something. A day of subconsciously thinking ‘that’s great, but what do I do now?’ My final day as…

Fighting with your heart.

…there are times in life, I have noticed, that you can receive certain ‘prompts’ or ‘nudges’ that you don’t like. You try to ignore this little voice at first, but it becomes louder…

Taking the plunge: The Irish College in Rome

As I reflect on my time in Rome, it is quite clear that I would have none of these fond memories if I had chosen to take the safe option that summer and stay at home. That’s what my gut told me to do. Yet I knew I had to override that survival instinct because I would have never known what I had missed out on.

The Way

It is a reflection of life’s journey, even though to undertake the Camino requires one to step out of their normal life. We start off at one place and then meet, see, talk, do, taste, go, love and hear, plus any number of other actions throughout our lifetimes and all end up ultimately at the same destination.

An Irish part of Spain?

Langreo, Asturias, Spain When we Irish think of Spain, images of sun, sandy beaches and blue seas generally come to mind. While these things are easy to find on the southern and eastern coasts of Spain, the northern coast has something a little different to offer. One would be forgiven for thinking he or she…