Blog Debate: Does God Exist?

The Greek and Roman Pantheons are gone, the Norse gods are gone, along with any other god they could make a super hero movie about (looking at both of you, Thor and Loki). The fact that they are super hero characters further illustrates the difference between what God actually is and the totally mistaken belief that the word god denotes a class to which many things belong, like the word animal.

Human Perfection

‘Hegel said history would culminate in some sort of secular fashion. Humanity will achieve fulfilment in a purely physical and cosmological sense. I could not get my head around this. ‘How?’ I thought… However, I eventually thought of a somewhat novel idea which could possibly act as a resolution.’

Knowing through senses vs. knowing rationally

‘I am going to take the road down the middle, the one which seems to be the road of common sense. Sure, we sense the world through our senses (forgive the repetition), but that would be insufficient for learning and ‘humaning’ without our mental processors.’

Why is Christianity such a Joke? By a Catholic.

It is one of the delicious ironies of Catholicism that something so serious as the very salvation of our souls is brought about in a manner that seems laughable. The question now is: Do you want to laugh along with God forever?

Why? And How?

Isn’t it amazing? The fact that we exist and that we exist as ourselves, in a universe which exists, which doesn’t have to exist.

Fighting with your heart.

…there are times in life, I have noticed, that you can receive certain ‘prompts’ or ‘nudges’ that you don’t like. You try to ignore this little voice at first, but it becomes louder…