Walking on Water

Oceans (Where feet may fail)


‘I will call upon your name, keep my eyes above the waves, my soul will rest in your embrace, I am yours, and You are mine.’

I decided I would share a great song just to post something different. It allows me to break the pattern of heavier posts I’ve put up. If you like the song (it’s pretty great) then I’d like to think it’s a nice change from the other material here.

The song is called ‘Oceans (Where feet may fail)’ and it is by Hillsong United. It describes the worshipper’s encounter with her Lord in what I have always imagined a tumultuous stormy scene in the middle of the ocean, where she finds peace and tranquility so long as she keeps her eyes on Him. The storm represents the world for me, with all it’s distractions and worries and the music, which is peaceful and soothing, represents the feeling of the encounter with Christ.

This song is great at reminding us that we need to keep our lives oriented in prayer toward our God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May we all remember that both today and every day. Amen.

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  1. Ste J says:

    Is it just me or does Hillsong United sound like an Australian football team?

    1. Hahaha, perhaps so Ste J. I believe they are from Australia at any rate. Did you know them already?

      1. Ste J says:

        I had come across them before through a couple of Americans on Facebook who have posted videos. Music is usually on the back burner though as books take up more of my life than anything.

  2. Being Dee says:

    hey! just popped from the blog party and I wanted to mention that I love Hillsong United songs. There are amazing.

    1. Hi, Dee, thanks very much. Yes they are great. I’d love to be involved in music ministry like that myself I have to say 🙂 I will take a proper look at your blog shortly, I’m dashing in and out from farmwork 😛 Thanks for visiting 🙂

      1. Being Dee says:

        Have fun!
        Looking forward to read more of your post!!!

      2. Thanks, good job on your blog too, by the way. Quite reflective 🙂

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